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Goats Cheese Bruschetta 7.50 (N)(V)

Toasted bread topped with pesto , sun dried tomatoes ,

red onions ,& goat cheese.

Garlic Bread 6.25

Toasted bread with garlic &herb Butter ( with cheese 5.95 )

Caesar Salad 9.95 (C)

Baby gem leaves with marinated chickens strips in house caesar dressing ,

topped with parmesan shaving.

Soup of The Day 6.95(GF)(V)

Please ask the server.

Stir Fry Prawns & Calamari 13.50 (C)

Jumbo prawns & calamari with red onions & special sweet chilli , tomato sauce

layered with crunchy wonton pastry .

Goat's Cheese & Parma Ham   8.95

Salad of goat's cheese with Parma ham and beetroot.

Garlic Mushrooms 7.95 (V)

Deep fried breaded mushrooms with garlic sauce , side salad & rocket leaves.

Pear &Blue cheese Salad 8.95 (GF)(C)

Pear, melon, walnuts salad with blue cheese & fresh leaves.

Calamari Rings 8.95

Lightly battered Calamari rings with salad and tartar sauce .

Mussels 11.95 (GF)(C)

Fresh mussels in white wine & garlic sauce.

Honey Melon 7.25 (GF)(LF)(V)

Selection of fresh Melons with feta cheese.


Pasta Carbonara 18.95

Crispy bacon, onions with tagliatelle pasta in creamy sauce

& parmesan sprinkle.

Seafood Pasta 22.50 (N)

Tagliatelle pasta with prawns, calamari, sea bass, and mussels

in Italian style tomato sauce (light creamy sauce also).

& parmesan sprinkle.

Tagliatelle Pollo 18.95 (N)

Tagliatelle pasta with chicken, mushrooms, onions, garlic

in light creamy white wine sauce & pesto & parmesan sprinkle.

Seafood Paella 25.95

Selection of seafood;

Prawns, Mussels, seabass, Calamari, Langaustine cooked in whitewine, garlic & Paella rice.

( Celiac pasta option avaiable )

8 oz Sirloin Steak 26.95 (GF)

Chargrill sirloin steak bedded with sauteed mushrooms & onions

served with pepper sauce or garlic butter. Served with mash potato & vegetables.

16 oz Aged T-Bone Steak 31.95 (GF)

Charcoal grilled t-bone steak , on a bed of sauteed onion and mushrooms,

with garlic butter or peppercorn sauce. Served with mash potato,vegetables & homemade chips.

Captain's Fillet Steak Gremolata

Pan Fried 10 oz fillet medallions cooked with garlic, rosemary ,bay leaves, thyme

and bedded with sauteed onions and mushrooms.Served with gremolata

( capers, parsley , lemon zest ) , mash potato & vegetables.

10 oz Grilled Fillet Steak 30.95 (GF)

Grilled fillet steak bedded with sauteed mushrooms and onions,

with garlic butter or peppercorn sauce. Served with mash potato & vegetables.

8 oz Steak Diane 26.95 (GF)

Sirloin steak, cooked in creamy brandy ,mustard, mushroom , parsley sauce

and bedded with creamy mash potatoes.

Rack of Lamb 27.95 (C)

  1. grilled rack of lamb with bacon wrapped asparagus & cabernet sauce. Served with potato gratine & vegetables.

Honey Duck 25.95 (N) (C)

Breast of Barbarie duck with honey glazed soy sauce

served with bed of french beans, hazelnuts, mash potato & vegetables.

Surf & Turf Kebab 26.95 (C)

Grilled jumbo prawns , aged beef & fresh vegetables skewers

served with trio sauce ( pepper, garlic chilli , house salsa ) rice & tortilla wraps.

Sea Bass 24.95 (GF) (HO)

Pan Fried fillet of sea bass bedded with sauteed garlic baby potatoes,

served with special martini pepper sauce & vegetables.

Fresh whole fish  26.95 (GF) (HO)

Grilled seabream (on the bone) served with mediterranean
salad and home made chips.

Chicken & Beef Fajita 20.95 (GF) (C)

Chicken & beef strips with peppers, spanish onions, mexican spices

served with tortilla bread , salsa and guacamole sauce.

Captain's Special Breast of Chicken

Breaded breast of chicken topped with peppers, shallots, cherry tomatoes , mozzarella and parmesan cheese . Served with homemade chips.

Honey Chicken 20.95 (GF) (HO)

Breast of chicken with honey&mustard Glaze. Served with potato gratine & vegetables.

Stir fry Chicken with Mango Glaze
(N) (C)

Pan fried chicken strips and fresh vegetables in mango glaze sauce,

served with rice (or noodles).

Mussels 24.95 (GF)(C)

Fresh mussels in white wine & garlic sauce , served with garlic bread.


Vegetarian Penne Pasta 16.95 (LF)(N)(V)

Fresh market vegetables and penne pasta in special tomato &pesto sauce

with parmesan sprinkle.

Vegetarian Stir Fry 16.95 (LF)(N)(V)(C)

Pan fried fresh market vegetables in sweet chilli or mango sauce. Served with rice or noodles.

Vegetarian Fajitas 16.95 (LF)(N)(V)(C)

Fresh market vegetables cooked in mexican spices ,

served with tortilla wraps , salsa and guacamole sauce.


Homemade Chips 4.00

Sauteed Mushrooms 4.00

Onion Rings 4.00

Mix Leaf Salad 4.00

Spicy potato wedges 4.00

Sauteed Onions 4.00

Captain House Restaurant

Allergen Guide

(N) = Contain Nuts (C)= Celiac Option Available

(V) = Vegetarian (HO) = Healthy Options Available

( GF) = Gluten Free

( LF) = Low Fat

We are quite happy to help you with any other allergic queries.

Please ask any member of staff.

Allergen Menu Available Please Ask.

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